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Best Board Game

Best Board Game

Board games have helped to keep the family together. Family bonding is important and playing board games is one of the easiest ways for the family to bond.

With work, school, extracurricular activities and other responsibilities, it can be difficult for families to find time to spend together. Sitting in front of the TV or watching a movie is technically spending time together, but it’s pretty passive, not very interactive.
When families play board games, they interact. They have conversations while they are playing and conversation is another important part of family bonding. No one feels pressured to have a serious conversation. Conversations just happen.

Kids learn things from their parents while playing games and having these conversations. They learn about family values. They learn important life lessons about things like playing fair and playing by the rules.

Even losing is a learning experience. Young children may get angry when they lose. They learn not to be “sore losers” by watching how their parents react when they lose. They learn to congratulate the winner and to genuinely be happy for the person who won.

Parents can use board games to help their children learn other things, such as counting, reading, money handling and other basic skills. The really great thing about this kind of learning is that the children don’t realize they are learning. They are simply having a good time. Lessons learned while having a good time are easily remembered.

Board games have kept the family together because everyone is attracted to them. Everyone “wants” to play. They feel pulled by the game, even if they often tend to avoid interaction.

During the teenage years, it can be particularly hard for parents to connect with their children. If the teens have grown up playing games with the family, they come to the table willingly. It’s even easier than getting them to come to dinner.

It is important not to force a child to play. But you can “coax”. The tween or teen who says “Nah, I don’t want to play” can be coaxed with an “Oh, come on. It will be fun.” One of the things you as a parent can do to keep things fun is to buy new games on a regular basis. It helps to keep the kids from feeling bored.

A recent article in the LA Times reported that board games are growing in popularity, in spite of and partly because of electronic games. Some new board games are versions of online or computer games.

It’s good to know that the games are growing in popularity because it means that family time is growing in popularity too.

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Tell me what you think the best Board Game is?
And why, please?

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We have prepared Board Game Reviews for the following classic Family Games:



The Game of Life

The Settlers of Catan

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Board Games are Fun!

Board Games are the Great American pass time!

Board Games bring your Family together!

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